Remembering our past

Wheaton’s mixed legacy on issues of race 02.28.19 By Santoro Guiggio Wheaton’s first president, Jonathan Blanchard was a dedicated abolitionist, a radical who called for racial justice. In a copy of “The Western Citizen and the Free Press” from July 8, 1851, he was listed as the chairman of a Christian anti-slavery conference that soughtContinue reading “Remembering our past”

Buswell Library to undergo renovations

Buswell Library looks to upgrade and modernize their services either through an addition or an entirely new building in the next few years. Though the project is in its preliminary stages — primarily research and brainstorming — this week the college hired an architecture firm and prepared a proposal for Wheaton’s senior administration cabinet.

A Taste of Home: Celebrating Lunar New Year at Wheaton

“It is incredibly powerful for the Chinese students of Wheaton to feel remembered and to remember,” Rose Wang, a Mandarin professor at Wheaton, told the Record. On Feb. 15, students from countries such as China and Korea remembered and celebrated their culture at the Spring Festival, colloquially called the Chinese New Year.