ICYMI: Wheaton's diversity commitment

By Micah McIntyre, News Editor

On Sept. 5, the Wheaton College President’s Office announced the adoption of the Christ-Centered Diversity Commitment, an official statement about the college’s mission to prioritize campus diversity.

Chief Intercultural Engagement Officer Sheila Caldwell spearheaded the creation of the commitment, a process that took 12 months to complete. A statement from the President’s Office said that 27 different academic departments contributed to the formation of the document, which went through 15 iterations before the final draft was approved by the Board of Trustees in July. In a video with President Ryken on the Wheaton website, Caldwell explained how the commitment is rooted in theology.

“Jesus is at the center of everything we do here at Wheaton College,” said Caldwell. “ is aligned with our statement of faith as well as our Community Covenant.”

The commitment sets a positive vision for the future while also acknowledging the challenge of finding unity in diversity. “Because of Christ’s reconciling death on the cross,” it says, “we repent of racism, sexism and other divisive sins and rededicate our energy and resources to creating an environment where all people know we are Christ-followers by the way we love one another.”

Both Ryken and Caldwell explained that the release of this document is also a call to action. Moving forward, they plan on working with the different departments on campus to find the best way to enact positive change in our community.

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