The Perks of the Party-less

By Daniel Thomas Find the answers to your burning COVID questions.

Illustration by Madeline Ham

Hi Readers,

As one of my professors commented recently, there’s a reason you should be patting yourself on the back. You’ve made it to October without the school being forced to close for rampant COVID-19 cases! If you’ve been following the coronavirus rates of other schools throughout the country, you know that there are many other colleges which were not able to make it through their first week, while others are trudging along despite shockingly high numbers of COVID cases on campus. 


I know we’re all exhausted from witnessing the volleys of statistics regarding the severity of the coronavirus. This week, I’ll be answering the pandemic-and-general-illness-related questions I’ve received.


If you’re looking for advice or are just curious about the lived experience of a redhead from the D.C. area, please continue to email me at or use the link at the bottom of the article to submit questions of your own for future articles. Happy reading!

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