The Final Countdown

By Tamara Dowding A poem for finals week.

Stack of books and notebook on table. Photo: Unsplash.

“Keep calm and terminate final exams.”


Alas! The end is almost here

Be not afraid, for the LORD is always near.

Like the Good Shepherd He is;

Guides, comforts, so be still.


We have trusted His guidance thus far.

So why now let ruin us, and set life ajar?

Procrastination and worry begins to step in,

Assignments of many, the plagues and struggles begin.


Distractions a many,

Binge worthy shows anew

They leave us poor students feeling helpless, doomed.


Get behind me, Satan!


I shall not let your talk of doubt creep in.

Your only hope is for me to dwell in sin.

Your words of stone shall not drag me down.

As a child of God I shall stand proud.

For what He has set for me,

No man nor you could dare steal.

For as my faith and confidence is found Him

There is nothing I can do but win.



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