Video: Questions Wheaton MKs Wish They Were Asked

Your friends raised abroad want to move past the surface-level small talk about their lives.

Wheaton College has long been a hotspot for children of missionary parents. “MKs,” as they’re affectionately called, have a range of experiences: some raised in one country their whole life, while others moved every few years. Some spent time in the US throughout childhood, others had rarely visited before coming to college. 

This fall, there are 154 international MKs on campus, along with 100 third-culture kids (TCKs), who were raised abroad in non-mission contexts like diplomatic or military services. Campus organizations like the International Student Programs (ISP) office, directed by Jerry Woehr ‘08 M.A. ‘13, and clubs like Mu Kappa, led by senior music major Marie Ashworth, run events and resources to help support MKs who are far away from family and the cultures they know. 

The Record talked to some MKs about how their conversations with new and old friends about their life stories usually go. What questions are they usually asked? What questions do they wish they were asked more often, and why? Watch the video report here.

Video by Josiah Rood. Introduction by Helen Huiskes.

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