Serving, leading and listening

Marilee Melvin sits in her office on the second floor of Blanchard as the trees out­side begin to bloom and the sun shines in through the window. From the painting of Mary Blanchard that she retrieved from Wheaton’s ar­chives, to the walls of pictures and awards that she has col­lected over the years, Melvin, Wheaton’s executive assistant to the president, has a passion for Wheaton that is evident as she speaks about her years of service and experience with sincere humility.

Females allowed into US Army Ranger School for the first time

As of this Sunday, females are now allowed to attend the U.S. Army Ranger School on a trial basis. The integration faces chal­lenges as some praise the new opportunity while others are worried about the Army lower­ing standards or are concerned about male and female dynam­ics in such a rough environment. “I don’t care ifContinue reading “Females allowed into US Army Ranger School for the first time”

MADE by more than just culture

After a year of difficult con­versations regarding racial, ethnic and cultural identity at Wheaton College, the MADE events this week have brought back a vital el­ement to the discussion: celebra­tion. Each event, from the Arena Theater workshop on Monday to the multicultural food tast­ing and communal art in lower Beamer Center leading up to theContinue reading “MADE by more than just culture”

I Have a Bean wins bid for café at Wheaton Public Library

The first ever Café on the Park will be coming to the Whea­ton Public library this summer through the joint venture of I Have a Bean Coffee and Jo & Doh Donuts. After eight years of having a vacant cafe space in the Wheaton Public Library, the library’s board of trustees decided last fall it was time for a change.

Wheaton elects 2015-16 student government

Yesterday, the student body elected eight student lead­ers who each campaigned over the past few weeks to cast their vision for Whea­ton College in the coming year. Junior Joshua Fort and soph­omore Morgan Jacob will be leading the student govern­ment board as president and vice president, winning the popu­lar vote over Emily Willson and Moriah Nacionales-Tafoya.

The man, the myth, the locomotive: C-Train

He’s kind of a legend: Four of Wheaton College’s presi­dents knew who he was before they actually met him. If you’ve never met Clarence Edwards — more commonly known as C-Train — chances are you’ve at least admired his swagger as, with a Wheaton Thunder hat resting jauntily on his head, he makes his rounds on campus.