Wheaton's health insurance lawsuit waits while lawyers deliberate

Wheaton College v. Burwell, Wheaton’s lawsuit against the federal government claiming that the government is forcing them to use their health insurance plans in a way that violates their consciences and religious freedom, remains on hold following an unusual Supreme Court decision in a similar case.

Serving, leading and listening

Marilee Melvin sits in her office on the second floor of Blanchard as the trees out­side begin to bloom and the sun shines in through the window. From the painting of Mary Blanchard that she retrieved from Wheaton’s ar­chives, to the walls of pictures and awards that she has col­lected over the years, Melvin, Wheaton’s executive assistant to the president, has a passion for Wheaton that is evident as she speaks about her years of service and experience with sincere humility.

MADE by more than just culture

After a year of difficult con­versations regarding racial, ethnic and cultural identity at Wheaton College, the MADE events this week have brought back a vital el­ement to the discussion: celebra­tion. Each event, from the Arena Theater workshop on Monday to the multicultural food tast­ing and communal art in lower Beamer Center leading up to theContinue reading “MADE by more than just culture”

“Dirty Wars” documentary prompts debate

Scores of students gathered in Meyer Science Center Mon­day night to view a showing of the documentary-film “Dirty Wars.” The event was hosted by the Middle East Understanding Club, a group on campus dedi­cated to “challenging assump­tions and stereotypes associated with the Middle East,” and in­cluded a response by assistant professor of politics and interna­tionalContinue reading ““Dirty Wars” documentary prompts debate”

Ireland’s only Kuttner violin stolen from professor

On March 5, assistant profes­sor of violin Lee Joiner took a nature walk at Wicklow Gap in southern Dublin, leaving his ex­pensive Kuttner violin in the car. When he returned to his car at 2:45 p.m., Joiner saw that some­one had broken into his rental car’s passenger window and sto­len his violin. His violin was the only Kuttner made in Ireland.

Congressman Paul Ryan speaks at Wheaton College breakfast event

“The Provost has asked me if we could rethink our 8 o’clock class policy seeing the excellent turnout this morning,” President Philip Ryken said on Monday, before praying over the ensuing J. Dennis Hastert Center-hosted breakfast with Congressman Paul Ryan.

Freshmen business wins Wheaton Shark Tank

Last fall, Wheaton College kicked off its second annual Shark Tank competition where 13 teams faced off against each other in order to advance to the final round. On Tuesday, the emerging five final­ists fought to be the lone “shark” left in Whea­ton’s tank and proceed onto another regional round of competition.

Wheaton graduate school creates first mission statement

Although the graduate school was founded in 1937, no over­arching statement for the gradu­ate program had ever existed until now. With a new mission and vision statement, stu­dents can have a clarified sense of what the school stands for.