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Wheaton students receive Fulbright Scholarships

Fulbright award recipients, seniors Grace Pyo and Morgan Kinsinger, will both be trav­eling abroad this summer to work as English Teaching As­sistants (ETA) with the year-long Fulbright ETA program.
Pyo will travel to Taiwan and Kinsinger will teach in South Korea.
ETAs are “placed in class­rooms abroad to provide as­sistance to the local English teachers” and to “teach English while serving as cultural ambas­sadors for the U.S.” according to the U.S. Fulbright website.
As part of the application process, Fulbright candidates submit proposals detailing a spe­cific project they hope to enact at their school placement to fur­ther English language learning.
For Kinsinger, this meant bringing her theater and im­prov experience to the classroom to make learning exciting. Last summer, Kinsinger taught at a summer school for Korean ex­change students. “I used a lot of charades and improv games to teach vocabulary,” Kinsinger said. “And to me it was just really cool how learning about a word in a scene that’s fun and funny and with your peers can help you contextualize vocabulary in a way that was a lot more fun … than memorizing lists of words.”
Pyo’s project builds off her high school and college speech and de­bate experience. Pyo plans to es­tablish a speech and debate club to benefit her future students’ Eng­lish learning experience. “Speech and debate equips you with skills to be able to communicate and I think it will hopefully be a re­ally helpful thing for the students that I’m working with,” Pyo said.
Both Pyo and Kinsinger are thankful and excited for their Fulbright opportunities.
“I’m really excited. It’s defi­nitely been something that’s been a dream of mine to spend a year abroad,” Pyo said.
Kinsinger credits her oppor­tunities at Wheaton for bring­ing her to this point. “It’s cool for me to see not only how much I have grown personally by being at Wheaton, but also so many tangible things that I’ve learned and things that I can bring to the table that I have gained since being here,” Kinsinger said.

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