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As Wheaton’s very own student-run newspaper since 1890, the Record exists as a publication for Christian journalists to report the news, highlight the personalities, and present the diverse perspectives that form the Wheaton community with rigor, professionalism, humility, and grace. Publications like the Record can only function when students who are passionate about truth-telling commit to producing work that communicates the facts excellently. Our team is ready to come alongside you to develop, edit, and publish work edifying for our community.

From Reader to Writer: An Overview of the Record's Publishing Process

As a weekly publication, the Record requires staff to attend a weekly pitch meeting and submit their completed assignments on a deadline. While many staff roles represent a significant commitment to the publication, joining the Record team as a Contributor preserves the opportunity to build professional skills, develop a portfolio of published works, and work among on talented team of creative student journalists without a necessarily long term commitment.

When you accept a freelance assignment as a contributor, it is necessary to communicate with your section editor, adhere to the Record’s writing & reporting ethics policy, and adhere to the deadlines assigned when your pitch is accepted. If the terms of the contracted agreement are not met, compensation and publication of your article cannot be guaranteed.

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