Want to get involved with the Wheaton Record?

We invite submissions of opinions and letters to the editor from the Wheaton College community. Current Wheaton students are eligible to contribute freelance stories, columns, photos, or illustrations and attend weekly pitch meetings and workshops. 

Submitting Opinions, Letters to the Editor and Columns

What kind of piece do you want to submit? There are two options:

Opinions are one-time essays with a specific thesis about an issue in the Wheaton College, Chicagoland, or wider Christian community (that is relevant to Wheaton students). Ideal length is 700-800 words.

Letters to the Editor are short, one-time essays that respond to a specific article published in the Record. Ideal length is 300-500 words. 

Joining the Record Staff

The Wheaton Record is published weekly by a staff of Wheaton College student writers and editors. We typically hire for new positions in December and April, and occasionally in mid-semester. All undergraduate students, regardless of experience or grade level, are invited to apply. To stay informed about staff openings, please join our freelancer email list by clicking the button below.  Our job descriptions are available here.  

Questions or Concerns?

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