student run since 1890 Features Alone Together How Wheaton’s international students found community on an abandoned campus By Grace Kenyon Food Service in a Pandemic: Dining Staff Adjust to New Reality​ “They’re asking me, ‘Raul, can you serve 2,000 students? Because if we can’t serve 2,000 students, we can’t have them come back.’” By HaleighContinue reading “Features”

Embracing singleness

student run since 1890 By Jacob Hosier February 14, 2020   Wheaton students are bombarded everyday with phrases like “ring by spring,” “date for marriage” and “guard your heart.” What’s peculiar about these messages is that they do not seem to reflect the heartbeat of the student body, who almost unanimously wish for a moreContinue reading “Embracing singleness”

Building a safe harbor thousands of miles from home

By Emily Alkire 1.24.2020 When Grace Li, a junior from China, and Joy Chen, a junior from Taiwan, were first-year students, an upperclassman international student invited them over for dumplings and hot pot, two meals that remind Chen of home. “Getting to eat and talk about the foods we eat overseas really helped with myContinue reading “Building a safe harbor thousands of miles from home”

The good life according to Wheaton kids

By Emily Nordhausen 11.15.19 Sitting in Lower Beamer for any amount of time, one is presented with a fascinating cross-section of humanity. Students bolting through in pajamas for the 9:20 class they overslept, sipping coffee with professors or arguing over group projects present a wide array of personalities. But amid the antics of college youthContinue reading “The good life according to Wheaton kids”