Meet Fred: Wheaton’s Oldest Student

There is something so wonderfully unexpected about seeing anyone over the age of 25 in Lower Beamer. So the sight of Fred Hutson — Wheaton’s oldest student at 84-years-old — sitting back in one of the couches was quite the delight. Unlike the other students surrounding him, he was just sitting, no phone or laptop […]

In the margins: Ava’s story

This is the sixth in this year’s series of stories devoted to Wheaton students who are “different” in some way. These stories are solely representative of the individuals who tell them. This week’s story is by “Ava.” The story is based on an interview with Dr. Cliff Williams of the Department of Philosophy, who recorded […]

College honors Dr. Roger Lundin in Day of Tribute

Wheaton declared Mon., March 13 to be a “Day of Tribute” to former Professor of English and Arthur F. Holmes Professor of Faith and Learning Roger Lundin, who passed away in 2015. Lundin was a 1971 graduate, widely published scholar and beloved professor for over 36 years at Wheaton College. His son, Matthew Lundin, is […]

Retired art professor promotes conservation through painting

“I want to give people a chance to see in ways they might not otherwise,” Joel Sheesley, painter and professor emeritus of art at Wheaton College, said. Over the course of his career, Professor Sheesley has aimed to illuminate unlikely sources of beauty, from puddles on the pavement to the local Lincoln Marsh. The Chicago […]

The Record meets with acclaimed academic Mark Noll

For 27 years, Dr. Mark Noll served on the History Department faculty, ending his tenure as McManis Professor of Christian Thought in 2006. In 2016, he retired from The University of Notre Dame after teaching for 10 years. Mark Noll’s book “The Scandal of The Evangelical Mind” (1994) earned him a lasting place in evangelical […]