Athlete Spotlight: Hannah Frazier

By Maggie Franke Unbeknownst to Wheaton College, junior basketball player Hannah Frazier has not been playing basketball since birth. Starting with little league soccer, Frazier played sports for fun and to make friends. Basketball didn’t come into the picture until after a growth spurt. “Honestly around 5th or 6th grade my mom and my dad […]

Winter season wrap-up

As competitions come to an end, athletes ready for tournaments and the post-season By Maggie Franke Mid-February is here, and many sports are nearing their post-season. Swimming and wrestling have just days left in their seasons, and everyone is counting down the days until March Madness begins for college basketball. It’s time for an update […]

United States withdraws from nuclear treaty

In a written statement on Feb. 1, President Trump announced his intent to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty in six months. Russia followed suit and also announced their plans to withdraw. Until then, the treaty is suspended.

A conversation about women, 160 years in the making

By Sarah Holcomb As over 130 students and faculty flooded the Billy Graham Center Wilson Suite for a breakout session during the student-organized “Where are the Women?” conference on Monday, chairs were in short supply. Dozens of students lined the walls or sat cross-legged at speakers’ feet, surrounded by mounds of jackets and backpacks as […]