Increase in international exchange bucks US trends

By Melissa Schill Of the 2,395 undergraduate students studying at Wheaton, 88 are international students, representing 23 different countries. This number, which has increased over the past three years, puts Wheaton at odds with national trends, which according to Inside Higher Ed have been on the decline over the same period.

CSC head makes sense of shift in student volunteering

By Carolina Lumetta Although the number of Wheaton students volunteering through the Christian Service Council (CSC) has increased slightly in the last 10 years, there is still much less participation than in the organization’s recent history. Assistant Director of School Year Programs Jared Falkanger, who oversees the CSC, thinks the decrease in numbers is due […]

New Testament scholar promotes latest book

By Micah McIntyre On Nov. 19, Wheaton will welcome two of the most recognized biblical scholars working today: NT Wright and Michael F. Bird. To promote their latest book, “The New Testament in its World,” Bird and Wright are touring the United States and attending speaking engagements around the country. Wright has visited Wheaton in […]

The good life according to Wheaton kids

By Emily Nordhausen Sitting in Lower Beamer for any amount of time, one is presented with a fascinating cross-section of humanity. Students bolting through in pajamas for the 9:20 class they overslept, sipping coffee with professors or arguing over group projects present a wide array of personalities. But amid the antics of college youth a […]

After Francis, men's team regroups

By Cassidy Thornburg The words “Thunder Struck” decorated orange t-shirts worn by fans in the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum last March 15. During Wheaton College’s spring break, rows of fans still managed to make it out to the “Summit City” to support the Wheaton Men’s Basketball team in the final four round of the […]

Women's basketball looks to defend title

By Cassidy Thornburg After claiming their fourth conference title in the past five years, the Wheaton Women’s Basketball team is looking to continue their streak in the 2019-20 season. Here are some storylines to keep your eye on as the season unfolds. “Defense wins games” Head Coach Kent Madsen emphasizes daily at practice the importance […]