Gia Mia in Downtown Wheaton Redefines Pizza


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Gia Mia in Downtown Wheaton Redefines Pizza

Opened by Brian Goewey in 2015, the restaurant serves up a farm-fresh take on classically Italian recipes.

By Anna Rose McCarthy | Contributing Writer
March 26, 2021
Entrance Gia Mia Pizza Bar in Wheaton, IL.

Gia Mia aims to bring fresh, farm-to-table Italian food to customers in downtown Wheaton, so I decided to check it out for myself. Gia Mia now has a few locations in the West Chicago suburbs, but their location on N. Hale St. in Wheaton was the first. The restaurant opened in April 2015. Their Italian small plates, wood-fired pizzas and fresh pastas and salads have been drawing in loyal customers ever since.


Due to COVID-19, Gia Mia has been forced to get creative with their services. While they always offered takeout and dine-in, they now focus on curbside pickup for online or phone orders.


With summer quickly approaching, Gia Mia will soon be returning with outdoor dining, but until then, anyone can take their takeout orders to the open-air lounge area across the street from Starbucks or bring it back to campus.


This past week, I had the opportunity to partake in some of their most sought-after menu items. I took advantage of the curbside pickup option by ordering through their website. Customers can also order through Grubhub or Doordash. I started with their signature “Zucchini Fries” which are doused in parmesan cheese, sea salt, lemon and a side of creamy parmesan dip. This small plate packs a punch with its perfectly crisp texture and just the right amount of zest. The fries sell for $9 and are the perfect size to share between two to four friends or to eat as a meal, as are most of the small plates on the menu.


My second small plate was the “Meatballs al Forno,” handcrafted veal meatballs covered in a creamy polenta roasted tomato sauce and topped with fresh basil. Each order comes with four heartily sized meatballs for $13. Because these are made of veal, they are extra tender and juicy. My mouth watered just looking at them! The meatballs can also be shared among two to four people or eaten as a meal for one.

Zucchini fries at Gia Mia. Photo: Anna Rose McCarthy
Meatballs al forno at Gia Mia. Photo: Anna Rose McCarthy

On to the entree! I decided to be bold and try the “Pear + Caramelized Onion” wood-fired pizza. Along with the obvious pear and caramelized onion, this pie includes mozzarella, gorgonzola, arugula evoo, garlic, basil and balsamic drizzle. Each bite of this gorgeous creation seems to melt in your mouth. The ingredient I enjoyed the most was the gorgonzola, which matched perfectly with the roasted pears. I think this pizza could be shared equally among two people, but it could also be shared with up to six with each person savoring a single slice. Most of Gia Mia’s pizzas go for $12-$14 (mine was $14), but every Monday is half-priced pizza day! This brings the cost down to $6-$7 per pizza, which is an awesome deal. 



My last, and favorite item, was the “Nutella Pizza.” With a thick layer of Nutella smoothed evenly along the top, strawberries placed around the pie, and a dash of powdered sugar to finish it off, it is a chocolate lover’s dream. This delectable dessert sells for just $10. 

Pear and caramelized onion wood-fired pizza at Gia Mia. Photo: Anna Rose McCarthy.
Nutella pizza at Gia Mia. Photo: Anna Rose McCarthy.

Overall, I think that Gia Mia offers a fantastic selection. With reasonable prices and dishes you will not find anywhere else in Wheaton, Gia Mia is definitely with a visit. 


Be sure to present your student ID for 10% off on your next order!




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