The East Wind

By Tamara Dowding “ The sun banishes all darkness, when it rises in the east”

Illustrated by Caroline Park.

What more is there left for me to do?

I have laid my love at the feet of my beloved.

Along with all of my desires, above all, union.

This everlasting unity that surpases all things,

That the human mind dares to fathom.

Death, Forgiveness, Life.


What more is there to do?

For your hearts are hard,

And many harbour anger within their souls.


How can you see shame in him

For his sin, he had given in.

Thirty pieces, even.

“How can you say to your brother,

 ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ 

When all the time there is a plank in your own eye?”

You who give me up everyday freely.


What more is there left for me to do?


Reciprocation is what I hope for,

But not what I am in need of.

For it is mankind who needs I.


What more is there left for you to do?

Than to turn to me 

Accept this gift that has been laid before you.

The burden that is no longer

The wages of sin demolished.

Death defeated!


What more is there left for me to do?

Other than to wait for you,

My beloved to return to me.

“The garden is planted in the east of Eden

Cherubim are stationed on the east side of the Garden of Eden

Parts of the burnt offering are to be thrown to the east side of the altar

The tabernacle’s entrance faces east

In Ezekiel’s vision God’s glory comes from the east and enters the temple from the east.

The same temple faces east with a river flowing east from it”



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