Finding Faith in the Feuding

In the midst of Brazil’s political division, Wheaton students who call the country home share how their Christian beliefs keep them grounded. Churrasco crackles on the grill while Samantha Ferreira’s grandmas and great uncles clutch signs and chant “Bolsonaro won the election” in Portuguese. Magnolia Smoak’s family tells her about military encampments full of “the […]

From Fasting to Fast Food, a Pair of Chapels Leaves Students Confused

After two controversial messages in the fall, students question the process for choosing speakers for the thrice-weekly services. Sophia Hopper walked into Edman Chapel on Oct. 24 expecting a typical Wheaton chapel: a song or two, a Scripture reading and an easygoing message about that week’s theme, rest. She walked out shaken and distressed, the […]

Pancakes, Philosophy and “Uncle Phil” Show Up at Town Hall Chapel

This year’s Q&A with President Ryken was a back-and-forth of the serious and the silly. To those who are nostalgic for a bygone era of Wheaton community humor, never fear: chapel pranks are back, and so are students’ sober questions. If you missed it, here’s the blow-by-blow of the Feb. 6 town hall chapel. The […]