Stories in Stickers

Students share the meaning behind their water bottle stickers

Decorating a water bottle with stickers and meticulously choosing their placement can feel flippant, but the small images and symbols that adorn water bottles often tell small stories about people’s lives and the things they love. The Record’s photographers asked students around campus about the stories behind their water bottle stickers.

Elizabeth Steinmetz’s Belize sticker represents where she grew up. Though the heart in the center is placed a little too far north to be accurate, her water bottle decorations still remind her of home. Photo by Lilliana Taussig.
Sophomore Garrett Boyd’s water bottle shows off his passion for surfing. He collected his stickers at a surf competition back home in California. Photo by Lilliana Taussig.
Sam McIlrath’s Passage water bottle is covered in stickers he has found in the past year. He likes to pick up any stickers that make him laugh. Photo by Lilliana Taussig.
Growing up in the Detroit area, senior Nadia Smith’s water bottle is covered in Michigan decals and reminds her of her home state. Photo by Lilliana Taussig.
Deah Gharib’s water bottle features stickers from the camps she worked at over the Summer. Photo by Lilliana Taussig.
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