'Influenced by its legacy': a celebration of 500 years of the Reformation

Wheaton’s 2016 Theology Conference, entitled “The People’s Book: Reformation and the Bible,” will commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation by hosting speakers and sessions centering around the vernacular Bible’s influence on shaping contemporary Christianity.

Financial aid office moves to assist in-debt MAP students

Since Wheaton College does not allow students to register for classes if their balance has a debt of more than $1,000, the 108 students affected by the loss of the state government funded Monetary Award Program (MAP) Grant have worked with the Financial Aid Office to lower their balances and register for classes. The total shortfall caused by the loss of the MAP Grant was $246,000.

New Chinese professor means a brand new Chinese major

Professor Wenyang Zhai joined the foreign languages department of Wheaton College last week as a professor of Chinese. Professor Shuguang Wang, director of the Chinese language program, has been Wheaton’s only full time professor of Chinese since 2007. She described Zhai’s arrival as “immediately impactful.”

New, closer cafe opens at the Wheaton Public Library

“I’m not even supposed to be working right now. I come because it’s such an open environment,” said sophomore and barista John Park. Park works as a barista at Café on the Park, but on his days off will frequently come into the cafe to socialize with co-workers, practice latte art and study for classes.

Students receive education on recycling, Chick-fil-A

Training in recycling at Smith-Traber Residence Hall recently finished after a partnership between A Rocha and the Smith-Traber Community Life Council developed training sessions on how to properly discern what is recyclable and what is not.