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Financial aid office awards MAP Grant Replacement Scholarship

On March 23, Wheaton College’s Financial Aid Office sent applications for the MAP Grant Replacement Scholarship to Wheaton students eligible for the government-funded Monetary Award Program (MAP) grant.

On Feb. 19, Illinois governor Bruce Rauner vetoed a bill which would have provided funding for the MAP grant. Director of Financial Aid Karen Belling explained that this created a combined shortfall of $246,000 for the 108 Wheaton students who were eligible for the MAP grant this spring semester.

Though Wheaton College hoped to raise $270,000 for the MAP Grant Replacement Scholarship by the initial deadline of March 4, the scholarship currently stands at $41,000. That $41,000 was split between 29 eligible applicants and gave priority to students who had already accepted all their financial aid and loan eligibility.

Since Wheaton College does not allow students to register for classes if they have an outstanding balance of over $1,000, the Financial Aid office made the award available before fall registration begins on March 31.

Though the MAP grant would have awarded $2,360 to each student for a semester, the MAP Grant Replacement Scholarship will award $1,360. This will raise the balance of the 29 eligible students to the level necessary for them to register for fall classes.

Belling encourages students who have remaining balances in their Student Account to meet with their Financial Aid Counselor and discuss financing options.

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